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The was once...

 Thierry et Stacia, couple franco-américain. 

He, a double bass player by trade and a master of DIY, is a sweet dreamer with a thousand ideas in mind (

She, coming straight from the Americas, experiences as varied as her dreams, loves challenges of all kinds and above all to put herself at the service of others...

Both, crazy about beautiful nature and travel, love encounters. Their open and warm home has always been the stage of their friends who have come from far away sometimes and whom they love to receive.

To keep nothing from you, the work not growing like mushrooms in the area, they looked for a nice way to complete their sometimes difficult ends of months. It was then, that one day, was born in their heads the idea of opening a cottage!

Loving their beautiful region, the idea of promoting it by offering future guests, unforgettable stays in a charming house that they were going to build was for sure a good idea.




They needed a bit of madness to embark on this new adventure. Thierry, indescribable optimist, imagined seeing the lodge come out of the ground in a year; two full years were necessary for their little jewel to be operational. A whole adventure told in photo… Click here to learn more.

Already 8 years old… the adventure continues!    They always take as much pleasure in welcoming "their guests" from any horizon to live an unforgettable stay…. families, retirees, hikers, lovers, couples of friends… all have enriched their lives.....

They look forward to their future guests whom they will have the pleasure of hosting in their charming cottage where authenticity, calm and beauty reign.

See you soon!

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